Thursday, September 29, 2011

post numero uno...

first things first.
or converse?
i'm a lover of both of these fantabulous shoes. but they sorta remind me of me. (hence that title up there...) boots show your outdoorsy and totally out-going. :) smiling and all. or, you just like to be a price-tag. 
For me, im that first one. but im also converse. too myself at times, and feel as if i sorta beat to a different drummer.
im both.
i love being the one to stand out. the one that makes speeches at assemblies, and laughs after tripping over mid-air.
this post seems kinda lame, but its the first. so dont expect something sweet-awesome :)
i despise capital letters, and sorta own vocab :)   (more on that
welp, tiz all....until the next time ;)

but what about you....?


 or converse?


JesusChick said...

I am totally a boot-wearin' girl teehee :) Oh and also, I'm a boot-wearin' NINJA! >:D hehehe

Jocee said...

Both :)) I love Converse because they have such a variety, and they go with just about every casual outfit I have. {just about}
I love boots because they're girly and make me look taller. I'm 5'9 1/2, but I just really like being taller. Is that weird?
-Jocee <3
{pee ess: I heard you occasionally visit Narnia. How come I haven't seen you there? Peter and I - my husband - would love to have you over for some tea! :))}

Sophie The Muffin Maker :D said...

CONVERSE! You bet :D They are both cute!!!

me:) said...

So converse:)

me:) said...

I am SO converse:)